Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy describes in detail how OTXforex handles the collection, manages and protects all confidential information of users.

Who We Are

We are a global ECN forex broker conducting a variety of financial instruments in currencies, commodities, stocks, and futures globally. We are committed to providing our users and respective clients with the most advanced and transparent trading platform for their secure investment purposes.

OTXforex has formulated a privacy policy that completely respects all the classified and confidential details and data of our valuable clients related to their trading account and investment purposes.

What information do we collect from our clients?

We mainly collect our client’s information in two ways, Directly and Indirectly. As per law, we collect all the mandatory details that are required in order to avail our services once they open an account with us which includes Name, Email Address, Telephone or Mobile Number, Banking Account details, Nationality Identity Proof, Address Details for verifying their status before allowing them to avail our services.

Indirectly, Information like our client’s IP Addresses, Browser details get saved in our database for our security purposes.

In addition to the above information, we also retain information related to our inactive clients so that offer them services again they might be interested in.

How we collect information?

As a client approaches us for any trading account(s) a complete verification of their profile is done before activation of their trading account. Clients are notified to share the above-mentioned details via email or through their personal account manager. Information shared is secured and kept confidential always.

Where is your information shared with?

OTXforex highly respects the values of all the clients who join our unique family and for that, we have strictly kept policy of not sharing or disclosing our client’s any personal information to any unauthorized person or third parties in any way.

We share details like Telephone or Mobile Numbers, Emails, Personal Details of our clients that include their Name, Address, and Country only with our accounts managers who are their personal investment managers and use the shared information to assist them and offer them various type of services like trading signals and analyses for their trading conveniences.

How information is handled and retained?

As mentioned above the information related to our clients are stored in our secured databases and is kept for the period the client is active, trading and availing our financial services. Even if a client gets inactive or stops having our financial services, (as per law and our policy) we reserve the right to save client’s information for an indefinite period of time for our further future necessary actions.

Cookie Policy

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